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Thanks for visiting our site.  We are truly proud to highlight awesome craft beers from all around the Western New York area.  We hope this is just the beginning as we continue to develop ideas of where to take this site and future plans for the Beer Trail. Please follow us on all our social media feeds!

About Us

In January of 2019 we formed an idea centered around celebrating the craft beer scene in the Buffalo and Rochester NY area. While we have several ideas of where to take the Beer Trail we have focused on photographing and posting the beers we’ve had along the way.  As we grow and develop new ideas, we will post them on all of our feeds to let you know what’s happening! We’ve had so much fun meeting some of the amazing individuals creating these beers!  Thank  you all for your time and willingness to talk about your craft...we truly appreciate your efforts!

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We‘d love the hear from you! We are always looking for strategic partners and open to collaborative projects! Feel free to say hello and share your thoughts!  Cheers! 🍻 

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